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  Why We Should Choose Double Optin Email Lists And Benefits Of Buying Custom Lists
Posted by: rprifat1 - 01-21-2018, 05:08 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

Why we should choose Double Opt-in Email Lists?

Firstly what is double opt-in lists? The term double opt-in means that the subscriber has actively confirmed their subscription, typically by responding to an automatically-generated message sent to the email address. In other terms, Double opt-in subscriptions require that the user respond to the confirmation email sent to them if they desire to continue receiving message from the sender.

Here are few advantages of choosing Double Opt-in Email Lists:

Higher Deliverability: If your list is a double opt-in list then there Insurance Broker Database are higher levels of deliverability because the email addresses are verified and the emails are sent from double-opt-in servers so they get through Spam filters at a much higher rate.

More Responsive List: Double opt-in lists are trust oriented leads because the subscribers themselves have opted in to get more details about the product or service. In this way you get more responses from the subscribers or the clients.

Less Spam Complaints: Since subscribers themselves have confirmed to be added to your list, so there are less chances of getting Spam complaints compare to single opt-in lists.

Protected from changes in laws: Who knows when the laws or legislation regarding mailing lists or email lists will change? To be safe, currently lets use double opt-in lists because the customers or subscribers have chosen to add their email addresses in your list or database.

By using double opt-in lists you are following the laws and your IP will not get into spam and your database has correct information about your clients or subscribers.

Benefits of Buying Custom Lists

What is Custom Lists?

A targeted list built on specifications provided by the client. Custom lists are made up of more specific groups of people, based on self-reported response data classifying these consumers by hobbies, interests, and activities.

Custom lists are based on the following factors:

Title: The job titles what the customers are targeting. C-Level, V-Level, Manager Level & Executive Level.

Geographical Location: The place where they are targeting. City, State and Country

Employee Size / Revenue: The Employee size of the company or Revenue

Industry: The type of industry they are targeting.

Benefits of Custom Lists:

Good Quality of Records: The custom lists are built on certain factors which enables you to give a quality of records. If the quality of records are good you would be reaching the right audience and you can build new customers list.

Response rate is High: By buying custom INVESTORS EMAIL LIST you are targeting your niche market prospects. Since you are targeting the niche prospects your response rate is higher and can increase your ROI (Return of Investment)

Direct Contacts: Custom lists are based on the following factors like Title, Geographical location, Employee Size / Revenue and Industry. This list will help you in reaching the targeted prospects directly in other words you can reach the decision makers of the company.

Profitable for the company: Since you have direct contacts of the decision makers of the company you are not wasting time, money & resource. You can increase your ROI and can get repeat business from your niche prospect.

By keeping all the above benefits start using custom lists for your email campaigns or telemarketing campaigns which will give you good results in terms of ROI and repeat Business.

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  How Mailing List Brokers Help in Success of Direct Marketing?
Posted by: asialipi10 - 01-20-2018, 05:01 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

The future of any organization is entirely dependent upon the several factors that caste its influence over the business followed by the company   email lists australia   . The influential factors are the quality of its products or services, technology used by the company, goodwill, marketing strategies and many more. Amongst all, marketing factor proves to be the most influential one as it is the only way out to reach the potential customers in a given period of time. Since, the success or the failure of any business is entirely dependent on its importance in the market, so it becomes a must for every business to have its own marketing strategies. It is through marketing only that people are well aware about the products and services offered by the company at what rates. Today, with the advent of technology, the world has become highly competitive due to which all smart marketers have pulled up their socks and have moved ahead with their new marketing techniques. This is the only reason that most of the companies have been spending millions of dollars in marketing techniques ensuring that their products and services are properly promoted in the market.

There are several conventional methods utilized by a company to promote its business and one of them is direct marketing. The USP of direct marketing is its cost effectiveness. It is basically a process that helps in targeting only those consumers who have either shown interest in the products and services of a company or in its line of business. However, there can be various methods to contact these prospects such as e-mails, telephone, newsletters, postcards and many more.

The major potential of direct marketing lays in its mailing lists- a database of people having similar areas of interest and requirements. These lists can either be generated in-house or can hire one of the list brokers. There are times when the companies do not have a professional team of experts for lead generation, so such companies can easily buy lists from a professional mailing list brokers. These brokers have an access to several consumer databases as well as hold specialization in finding out the prospects for different business line.

Through these mailing list brokers, the companies can easily get the exact set of information about the customers including the telephone number  partners email list   , postal address, e-mail address, credit history, purchase history and many other things. Thus, as per the requirement, the company can choose the credentials that it wants to have in its list. Although, it should be ensured that the list is updated and carried information as per the company's relevance.
Thus, make the most these marketing strategies and witness your company actually experiencing profits in this highly competitive world.

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  Huge Pay Package of World's Leading Tech CEOs in 2010
Posted by: asialipi10 - 01-16-2018, 10:03 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

Michael Dell didn't receive any equity awards or bonuses in the 2010 fiscal year
Steve Jobs
In 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs refused to receive new stocks, option awards  email lists australia  , bonuses or perks except for his customary $1 salary. He holds about 5.5 million shares of Apple's stock and has never sold a share since rejoining Apple in 1997. According to the company's proxy statement, his total compensation is only $1 per year.

It is believed that Mr. Jobs's level of stock ownership significantly aligns his interests with shareholders' interests

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt received a pay package worth $313,219, up 28% from $245,322 in 2009, in his final full year as Google CEO including customary $1 salary, $311,433 in perks, a $1,785 cash bonus and other compensation. Google, meanwhile, reported $29.3 billion in revenue, up from $23.7 billion in 2009.


Eric Schmidt also awarded a $100 million stock package

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in 2010 received a pay package of $670,000 salary, $670,000 cash bonus, as well as $11,121 in perks and other compensation, increased 6% to $1.4 million from $1.3 million in 2009. His company's revenue hit $62.5 billion, up 7% from $58.4 billion in 2009 in the 2010 fiscal year that ended on June 30.

Ballmer didn't receive any new equity awards in 2010

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis

The two co-CEOs of Research in Motion, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, received identical pay packages including a $1.1 million salary; $987,931 performance-based cash bonus; stock awards valued at $2.5 million; $9,443 for retirement pension savings as well as $9,893 in perks and other compensation.

While RIM's CEO pay packages declined slightly  partners email list  , the BlackBerry maker achieved revenue and income increases of 35% and 30%, respectively, in its fiscal year ended on Feb. 27, 2010

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison's 2010 pay package included a $250,001 salary, option awards valued at $61.9 million (down from $78.4 million in 2009), a $6.5 million performance-based cash bonus as well as $1.5 million in perks and other compensation. His company grew revenue 15% from $23.3 billion in 2009 to $26.8 billion in 2010 in its fiscal year ended May 31

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  Steps to Improved Deliverability
Posted by: foujeyasumi880 - 01-13-2018, 07:25 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

Increase your delivery time and rate by  adhering to these best practices for email marketing

The problem of deliverability is one that has Coo Email List plagued email marketers since the advent of email marketing. With increasingly rigid anti-Spam filters, getting messages through to subscribers is becoming exceedingly difficult.

However, adhering to industry best practices can still ensure a high delivery rate  here's how:

1. Get permission. It can't be said enough how important it is to get permission from subscribers. The key to an effective email marketing campaign relies largely on sending relevant messages to subscribers that have requested them.

2. ALWAYS use double opt in. Enough said.

3. Encourage subscribers to add you to their address book. If your address is one that they have chosen to accept, you will never be relegated to the junk bin.

4. Practice good list hygiene, meaning, regularly remove inactive subscribers from mailing lists. If an email address bounces, delete it from your address book immediately.

5. Consistently use the same from name and address; this helps not only with deliverability but also brand identity.

6. Include an unsubscribe link at the top of every message; it encourages subscribers to unsubscribe rather than label you as spam or junk. Better to lose a subscriber than to lose credibility.

7. Make sure that the ESP (email service provider) you use complies with the US CAN-SPAM standards and the EU Privacy Drive. If they do, they'll often state so on their website.

8. Take advantage of authentication services; your mail is more likely to be delivered if your message is from a reliable source.

9. Reply to challenge responses; this lets recipients know that you are a real person and it improves your mailing reputation.

10. Do NOT buy lists. As previously mentioned (see number 1), the key to email marketing is permission! Buying a list is never the answeryou simply cannot buy someone's permission.

11. Use an email marketing service that has abuse reporting features with feedback loops. These features let you know who has clicked "report Spam" from big ISPs.

12. Take the time to look at the reports and Austria Email Database statistics provided by your email marketing host. Marketing Sherpa reports that 30% of practicing  marketers don't take the time to figure out their actual rate of delivery. Knowing these numbers will help you understand where and why your campaign deliveries are falling short.

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  What Should You Do Before Buying Email Marketing Software
Posted by: asialipi10 - 01-13-2018, 06:32 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

What should you do before buying email marketing software? If you do not know by now  uk email lists  , there are a few reliable business email hosting providers offering their members the same features and benefits as an email client, if not even more. From unlimited storage, to data backup and hassle-free anti spam & anti virus protection these are options one can find on most email providers. The topic is: should you still buy an email marketing client?

Should You Buy Email Marketing Software, so Why would you do it? Here are a few key reasons:

Firstly, If you want to be the single person to have access to your list, and do not want to leave it hosted on a third party server. Privacy is a key concern in today Economy, so if you are sitting on the fence and dislike the idea of allowing somebody else (be it a reputable third party provider or ISP) to host your email correspondence, then using a software client would be the right thing to do, long term wise.


Secondly, If you want to run your mailing list and need click tracking and open rate statistics for maximum performance, then the proper software to handle your email marketing looks like being the next logical step.

Thirdly, If you are not a professional graphic designer and you want your emails and newsletters to look and feel professional, then an email client might provide you with built-in newsletter templates or layouts/skins you can download for that particular software  partners email list  . So, before you decide for your email client, make sure it meets your business goals and individual objectives. Due to diligence is required like in anything we do in life. I believe one should not take the free route when it comes to running an Internet or offline business with online presence. You get what you pay for is a true remark, and you better be prepared to spend a few days and go in depth on these email clients. The scope of our article is far beyond reviewing the best email clients. I will leave this aspect for another topic, and now, before we wrap it up, I would like to leave you with a final tip: My last advice: go with a business email hosting provider that you feel safe with, and at the same time, select an email client you feel empowered with to achieve your end goals and finish your tasks like a pro. We are spending at least an hour a day checking emails, so this step should not be taken lightly.

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  This is a new forum test
Posted by: mikrei75 - 08-12-2017, 10:18 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

It a new forum test...

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